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Durable Billet Aluminum Truck Flagpoles

SPEED POLE makes it easy for you to show your spirit with our line of colorful truck flagpoles. Made from HD aircraft-grade aluminum, these poles are lightweight and strong. These poles are 63 inches by 1-inch tubing with 0.125 (1/8)-inch wall thickness.


Installation is easy, and we sell a variety of accessories to help you complete the job, such as custom stainless steel mounting hardware suitable for trucks and trailers. We also sell 3' to 5' American flags and rubber storage clips for your convenience.


Versatility & Variety

Our aluminum flagpoles do more than show off your support for our country or your favorite team. We are working hard to make this a versatile tool in your kit. As of now, these poles are available in 4 colors. Design the pole to color match your truck; colors include white, black, silver, and red. Inquire about custom color options.

Poles have a powder-coated finish, and all the parts are machined billet aluminum. Made for 3' x 5' flags. One of the benefits is that it's a 2-piece pole that allows for easy storage. Unscrew the upper section, roll the flag up behind the pole, and easily store it behind your seat in your cab. This way you always have your pole with you, and whenever you're ready to show it off, you can. This can be considered a lifelong flagpole because of how it's constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum.

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