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Push & Upright Brooms

The concept is to match your broom with your toolbox or your hot rod, your boat, etc. We call this the perfect shop broom. This can be a dedicated broom for your trailer, boat, RV, garage, etc. Push broom bristles are made of Tampico, which is chemical and heat resistant, and are ideal for shops and garages. Upright broom bristles are made of poly, which lasts four times longer than your cornhusk broom.

Push Brooms and Upright Brooms

Push Brooms

Everyday tasks are a breeze when you employ extension poles from SPEED POLE. Ranging from 2' to 6', these versatile poles are made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum. Having been field tested in a variety of applications, our poles help you accomplish all sorts of things.

Upright Brooms

We manufacture the handles ourselves and modify the wood-tops of the brooms to give more of a Motorsport/garage type look. 100% Made in America.

Keeping Everything in Reach

Our extensions make it simple to get to those hard-to-reach places while washing your boat, RV, trailer, or plane. You may even attach several segments to reach even higher places for maximum usability.

Customizable Tips

The tips of these poles are threaded to accept a number of accessories and attachments. It fits 99% of all current attachments.


Available in 10 colors from red, white, blue, orange, yellow, gloss black, matte black, fluorescent pink, fluorescent green, and chrome.

Upright Broom

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